Prepping Your Pet for Portraits


We're excited to have you over for a Pet Mini Session! Here are a few things to keep in mind for the very best session. 


  1. Get close-up ready. Having your pet groomed a week or so beforehand will create a clean but natural-looking appearance. I recommend grooming far enough in advance that it doesn't look too unnatural. Unless of course, your pet is always perfectly groomed, then just keep doing what you are doing! However, if your pet has long fur I do recommend trimming around the eyes before the session. Wouldn't want to hide their wonderful expressions!
  2. Practice SIT and STAY. It's okay if your pet is not trained but bonus points if they can do this!
  3. Withhold food. If your pet's feeding time is before your photo session, I suggest feeding a smaller portion. While I don't want your pet extremely hungry, if they're a little more interested in food, that'll work to our benefit. Let's be honest, a pet who can be bribed makes a great model!
  4. Wanna go for a walk? Especially for high-energy pets, this is crucial. Of course, with the new environment and exciting new smells, they'll be curious, but a walk can help them be tired enough to be more cooperative. 
  5. Bring treats. I'll have dog treats on hand, but you know which ones your dog loves best. 
  6. Bring a toy. Their FAVORITE toy. It's the best way to get their attention. 


Farmhouse residents please call, text, or email to schedule your timeslot for October 18th. 


[email protected]