Mayfield Park + Mount Bonnell Engagement Session | Matt + McKenna

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Mayfield Park + Mount Bonnell Engagement Session | Matt + McKenna

Austin Engagement Photographer | Photos by Yaz


Matt + Mckenna introduced me to a whole new side of Mount Bonnell that I've never seen before. Why no one ever told me the stairs were unnecessary is a mystery to me. I'm so grateful for them and the super power they have of withstanding the humid heat of central Texas. Let's just say, I can't wait for their winter wedding where we can choose how many layers to pile on or remove.


How The Met

For Matt + McKenna, it was love at first sight. They first exchange on a dating app and met up for their first date at Gordough's. As a matter of fact, they went back to Gordough's after their engagement session to celebrate their journey to this point. The two have been inseparable ever since that first date. 


The Proposal

"How do you propose during COVID when you never dress up, or leave the house?!"

It's cliché, but I'll say it. This one is like a scene from a movie. They got away for a bit to visit family out in California. On route while driving from one family's home to another, they decided to take the scenic route and when they stopped at an overlook with a gorgeous view, Matt asked a stranger to take a picture (but really, it was video) of them. He popped the big questions, and once it was obvious she had said "YES!" the nearby cars starting honking and congratulating them on their engagement. Just like a romantic movie, right?


The Wedding

M+M are celebrating their union with a January 2022 wedding at Cedar Skies Barn. These two are absolute sweethearts and I can't wait to meet the family and friends that raised them into the beautiful human beings they are. 


<3 Yaz


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