Stone Hall at Texas Old Town | Kyle, Texas | Cedric + Victoria

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Stone Hall at Texas Old Town | Kyle, Texas | Cedric + Victoria

Kyle Wedding Photographer | Photos By Yaz


Cedric + Vic(tori)a are only 3 hours from where they met but the elegant and charming Stone Hall wedding venue at Texas Old Town was a drastic change from their beachside college years. Click here to view their engagement blog + photos. Their friends and family are unimaginably fun and I wish I could steal them for myself. Together they celebrated and even shed quite a few tears. Who knew so many people would show up to a Thursday wedding?

Their wedding day was so lovely and so them. They wanted beautiful portraits and all the candids they could have because they knew this was the crowd for it. It was such an honor to be trusted with their day and to photograph it the way they remember it. Watching these two start their life together was inspiring and encouraging. They love one another in such an authentic and joyous way. I'm thrilled to have been a small part of a such a big season of your life!!! Along with your amazing friends and family, I love you both, I support you, and I'm cheering for you!

<3 Yaz


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Instead of a first-look with Cedric, Tori opted for one with her dad and brother.

Meanwhile, the guys were getting ready and recalling the bachelor party. 

I can't get over how great everyone looked! This is quality magazine-material right here!

Just look at Cedric and his men looking all dapper. 

And so it begins...

As Cedric watched Tori walk down the aisle, he was in tears and in awe of what stood before him. If you don't cry looking at these photos, you're not human. 

They exchanged lots of sweet words, but I think my favorite part was when Tori promised Cedric she'd "learn to make more than just spaghetti". 

It was a bittersweet moment for the best man.  

First Dance as Husband + Wife

Parent Dances

What am amazing crowd to party with!


Sending off the newlywed couple with a bell-ringing banging goodbye!

Creative Team:

Cake: Velma | Catering: Pok-e-Jo's Smokehouse | Coordinator: Jacinda Padron | DJ: VVS1 Vivid Sound Inc. | Florist: Hutto Flower Market | Photographer: Photos by Yaz | Venue: Stone Hall at Texas Old Town

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