Haldi and Chooda + Kalire Ceremony | Austin, Texas | Shivani + Jeff

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Haldi + Bangles Ceremony | Austin, Texas | Shivani + Jeff

Austin Wedding + Engagement Photographer | Photos by Yaz


I witnessed something beautiful that surrounded Jeff and Shivani just a few days before their wedding. They share a laughter, joy and love that crosses all boundaries. It was wonderful to see the people closest to them celebrate their union with food, dance, as well as with many ceremonies and traditions. Indian wedding last several days with each day packed with ceremonies that have been observed now for centuries.


Haldi Ceremony:

Shivani + Jeff invited me to photograph their Haldi Ceremony where friends and family apply turmeric or haldi to their face and body. Turmeric works wonders for the skin but it's also believed to protect the couple from any calamity or misfortune that may hurt them before their big day. According to hindu texts it's also said to have purification powers and applying the paste cleanses the body and soul for a new life together. There are so many smiles and laughter during this application process that all the wedding day jitters and stress tend to disappear.


Chooda + Kalire Ceremony:

Bangles or Chooda are one of the most evident displays of a new bride. This tradition is significant in Punjabi weddings and can be quite emotional. The "it's happening" feeling starts to set in with friends and family, and everyone watches as a member of the maternal family slips on the bangles one at a time. A Punjabi bride's wedding attire is incomplete without the dazzling kalire which is the ornamental metal jewels that hang from the bangles. After these are properly placed, the bride shakes her bangles on the heads of single people. It's believed that if any part of the kalire falls on that unmarried individual, they're likely to be the next to get married -- kind of like the western tradition of throwing a bouquet. 


Jeff + Shivani, Thank you for allowing me to photograph these very meaningful moments in your lives. I wish you a happy lives together with peace and prosperity. 
<3 Yaz

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To begin, elders tie a sacred thread for protection against the evil eye.

Long blades of grass are used to apply mustard seed oil to the couple as moisturizer to add a glow for the wedding. 


Bangles Ceremony

Leave these two some love below. If they get to 25 comments, they'll get a complimentary 8x10 print of their favorite image. 


Thank you so much for capturing such special moments for us!!
Manju Kapoor(non-registered)
May God bless u with lots of happiness and success!!!!
Both of you looking so charming....
Family nd friends enjoyed this
ceremony..... May God shower His love always!!!!! All beautiful pics
Neha Kamboj(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures which perfectly encompass a beautiful weekend for a beautiful couple!!!
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