Long Center + Wildflower Field | Austin, Tx | Jason + Ashley

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Long Center + Wildflower Field | Austin, Tx | Jason + Ashley

Austin Engagement Photographer | Photos by Yaz

Back in their college days at ASU they met for the first time at a local bar while out for an evening with their friends. Jason had a massive crush on Ashley so he walked up to her and used all his best lines although, it just wasn't the right time. They continued about their lives and after moving around quite a bit covering a combined 4 states, 3 countries, and 2 continents, they found themselves back in Austin, Texas 10 years later. That is where the real story begins...

Ashley received a Facebook message from Jason after he noticed she was living in Austin as well.They found they had a lot in common and set up a date for their dogs to meet. While the rain cancelled those plans, they decided to meet for coffee at Stouthaus instead. Coffee and good conversation turned into dinner next door until closing time. After many nights of two-step dancing, taking the dogs to the park, picnics and meeting up to enjoy the views at Zilker Park, the rest is history!

On January 20th, Jason planned a picnic for the both of them at Zilker Park. As usual, they enjoyed food, wine and conversation. They took a stroll by Town Lake to Ashley's favorite view of downtown where Jason finally asked her the big question. She was so shocked she didn't even realize she had said "No" until he looked at her confused and questioned, "No?" In her amazement, she was in the middle of saying, "no way" when she stopped halfway to say, "Yes". 

"We are sitting here on our couch sharing our story with you while our two sleeping pups cuddle up next to us. We can't help but feel fate brought us here. We are ready and truly excited to start the next chapter of our lives. Jason and I look forward to celebrating our marriage with each and everyone of you on June 9th, 2018; It would not be a celebration without family and friends by our side!"



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