Photos by Yaz | 6 Modest + Fun Bridal Shower Games

6 Modest + Fun Bridal Shower Games

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6 Modest + Fun Bridal Shower Games

Photos by Yaz

I've always had a close relationship with my brides mostly because they're just like me. It's part of my "Making Friends, Not Clients" model, and if they want to show up to a meeting with leggings and wine, I'm totally down! Just let me know so that I don't overdress! I am honored when my brides invite me as a guest to attend their celebrations amongst their closest friends and family. Kelly's bridal shower was Paris-themed with touches of Chanel. We were elegant and classy ladies for the evening sipping Moscato in our black cocktail dresses and pearls.

I remember having the toughest time trying to find clean and modest games to play when I was planning a bridal shower. My friend's future mother-in-law was going to be there, and well -- that's her son she's marrying so we're gonna have to keep everything PG here. They're fun for everyone including your junior bridesmaids and grandmother.  To others in the same predicament, I'll be sharing some fun little clean and modest games we played at Kelly's bridals shower that maybe you can draw inspiration from.


#1 | Toilet Paper Couture

A staple among bridal showers, and one of my favorites because I'm shamelessly competitive. While I wouldn't recommend single-ply for your guest bathroom, I say aim for the cheap stuff for this game. It makes it so much more fun. Some clear tape may also be handy, but you'd be amazed at how creative a group of girls can be under pressure. You start by separating your girls into groups of at least 3 people in each group. Have each group choose one girl to be the model. Hand each group a roll of toilet paper, and begin a 5-10 minute timer. The bride chooses her favorite one and typically everyone in that group gets a prize or in this case, everyone that participated was a winner.


Kelly chose the 4th bride as her favorite. Mine is the one-shoulder mermaid dress with the bow on the far right, which is obviously the best, but I ain't salty or nothin'.


#2 | The Newlywed Game

Before the bridal shower, ask the to-be-groom 20-30 questions about himself or their relationship. The bride-to-be gets put on the spot by being asked these questions at the shower, and if she answers incorrectly, she must put a bubblegum in her mouth. In most cases, either the bride or groom has a really bad memory, and can't recall the simplest of details. Eventually, it can become pretty inaudible and messy with the amount of drool seeping out. Nonetheless, it's one that'll make you laugh. Some examples of questions:

What's his biggest pet peeve?

What's his favorite ice cream?

Does he prefer soda or tea?

Who's his favorite superhero?

If he could have any superpower, what would it be?

#3 | Ice Ice, Baby

I had never seen this one done before, and truthfully only a couple brave souls were up for the challenge. You fill a bowl with water and ice, and an object that can be picked up with your toes. In this case, we used about 30 plastic rings which were mixed in with the ice all the way to the bottom. The player has 20 seconds to pick out as many rings as possible with her toes. The one that takes out the most rings, wins the game. 


#4 | Candy In a Jar Guessing Game

It's a classic guessing game of how many Hershey's Kisses are in the jar. Everyone writes their answers on a piece of paper that goes into a box. The one closest to the number goes home with a sweet treat. 


#5 | Marriage Advice

A bridal shower is very different from a bachelorette party. You'll usually have more married and couples at a bridal shower that can offer some helpful advice and suggestions, or at least make you laugh. Everyone gets a nice piece of cardstock to write their words of wisdom on for the bride to read later a the party. You'll receive some bible verses, some Pinterest marriage advice, and some other stuff that doesn't make any sense. The best part is that it's anonymous so you can write whatever you want. Some of my favorites:

"Argue naked so the argument never lasts long."

"It's okay if you don't know how to cook. I didn't know how to cook when I got married either and actually, I'm still not sure I know how." 


#6 | Dance, Pearl, Pass

Everyone is given a spoon to hold in their mouth. The game is to pass a single marble (we used a fake pearl) from one person to another WHILE DANCING using only the spoon. With a large group, the game starts off kinda slow but as the girls become more confident in their skill, they become eliminated at a rapid pace. While I didn't win, I quickly learned to move only the bottom half of my body while dancing. Lets just say, those hips my momma gave me don't lie. 


<3 Yaz


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