Photos by Yaz | The Meadows Center Wedding, San Marcos, Texas | Bryant + Nina

The Meadows Center Wedding, San Marcos, Texas | Bryant + Nina

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The Meadows Center Wedding, San Marcos, Texas | Bryant + Nina

Photos by Yaz


I met Nina during my first week at Gold's Fit. She was one of the coaches that totally kicked my butt. The following day, I could barely walk a short distance before my legs would just about buckle below me. I must be a masochist because I plan on going back... soon. ;)

Nina is the sweetheart you don't want to mess with. Seriously, I'm sure she can squat a baby elephant. She's soft-spoken, but completely reveals herself when she smiles or laughs along with others. Bryant is her perfect match!

Nina got dressed at her aunt's stunning hair salon Salon One 12 located Buda, Texas, then headed for the ceremony + reception location at The Meadows Center in San Marcos. The couple exchanged letters before the ceremony. Nina wrote what looked like a novel! Later the groom mentioned to me that one of the pages was actually a journal entry from years ago. Bryant's letter to Nina had her giggling which then culminated into a nostalgic smile.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. Bryant + Nina didn't have a huge wedding, but they were surrounded by the people of most importance. Somehow everything fell into place, as friends and family from all over the country came to witness their union. The evening was filled with inside jokes, fun, and laughter, and they wouldn't have wished it any other way. Bryant + Nina described their wedding day as "An intimate and guest-oriented celebration of our love to usher us into our new life as one."

My friends, you have the kind of love that is so evident and palpable, it's contagious. I cannot wait to see your family grow, and it was an honor to photograph one of the most important days of your lifetime. 

<3 Yaz


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If you're here for wedding advice + inspiration: 

Bryant + Nina suggest: "Try not to get wrapped up in the show of it all and remember to have fun planning it along the way."

Anything you wish you would have done differently? "Include more pieces of our love story into the day, such as how we met." 















Special Thanks to the Creative Team: 

Venue: The Meadows Center at Spring Lake of Texas State University 

Wedding Planner + Day-of Coordinator: McKenzie Krischke

Catering: Hays County BBQ

Florist: HEB Blooms

Baker: Root Cellar Bakery

Dress: Galina / David's Bridal

Hair + Makeup: Salon One 12

Bartenders, Servers, Cleaner-Uppers: Katie Jo Clinkingbeard, Josh Tatum, Kaitlin Jiral, Albert De Los Santos, Jared Krischke



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