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5 Goals for 2017 | Photos by Yaz

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5 Goals for 2017

Photos by Yaz


I recently posted to Facebook and Instagram, "I can't complain, 2016 treated me well but I'm excited for a fresh start, new goals, and a new wedding season. It feels like the first day of school when you're excited to use all your new school supplies and have aspirations of being valedictorian."

Vacation days are over, and now it's back to work. I was once asked what my goals in life were. I told him I had many but wasn't willing to share. It's not because I didn't have any goals, but because I was scared of failing. This year, I'm putting it all, most of it on the table. 


#1 | More Giveaways

I did one giveaway in June last year, and quite honestly the year ended before I could do more, or even re-dye my hair. This year I plan to do a giveaway at least once a month. It'll be a combination of portrait sessions and tangible items mostly driven through social media so don't forget to follow me on Facebook + Instagram


#2 | Family Mini Sessions

Lots of families with little ones can't candle an hour long portrait session. I've received your messages, and I hear ya! I'll be offering mini sessions at the end of March and again in the fall. Since I'm only doing this twice a year, we'll be going all out with a lemonade stand, cupcakes, and candy for the kids that behave. Don't worry, I'll educate you on how to color coordinate and make the best of your session. I'll make an announcement soon for you to start reserving your timeslots. It's gonna be fun!


#3 | Inspire + Educate Others

I really, REALLY miss photography school. I'm sure if I had the opportunity, I'd be one of those crazy old ladies with dozens of degrees to keep me warm when I die. Last year, I realized I really enjoy teaching others. I had a handful of brave souls contact me and ask me questions about my business, or the way that I shoot. I happily told them everything they wanted to know because I only wish I would have had someone to guide me on photography as well as running a business. The hubbs is starting to pick up my old camera and his questions and confusions remind me of when I first picked up the same camera, my manual, and "Photography for Dummies". As I guide him through this journey, I'll be updating my blog with answers to questions about photography as well as running a business, advertising and marketing. I'm most excited about this goal because if you're another photographer reading this, I see you, you are not alone, and yes you can do it. 


#4 | Attend a Wedding Photography Workshop

While stimulating the minds of others, I also need some stimulation for myself. When I first started photographing, I picked up every book and took every seminar I could get my hands on. I was like a sponge soaking in everything I could grasp. I learned about so many new techniques, and virtually drilled the brains of established photographers to get to where I am now. I am by no means an expert, but someone once told me that when you stop learning, you stop growing [and technology will leave you behind]. 


#5 | Talk More About Me, Myself and I

I really struggle with this one. It's true that people don't only want to look at pretty pictures, but they want to get to know the person behind the camera. I just feel I don't have quite a lot to say or that anyone even wants to hear what I do have to say. My humor is also different. Did you ready my morbid comment in goal #4? I'm either overjoyed or extremely emotional and there's nothing in between. I'm sure I'll struggle to find a happy medium, but I promise to make you laugh along with way. 


<3 Yaz


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