Photos by Yaz | Mueller Lake Park | Ryan + Maribel's Engagements

Mueller Lake Park | Ryan + Maribel's Engagements

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Mueller Lake Park Engagement Session

Austin Texas Wedding Photographer


Ryan + Maribel are a fun-loving and darling couple. The first time I met them was full of laughs and ended with a few drinks at the end of the night. I'm so inspired to be working with these two! 

The week of their engagement shoot proved to be one of the hottest of the year. It wasn't the loveliest weather to be in jeans, but we powered through it and made the best of it. Only love has the power to bring two people together in the middle of August heat. Even Max was ready to give into the Lake after only a few minutes. 


How They Met

It was the summer of 2014. Ryan, a Business Analyst and Oklahoma native, and Maribel, a Graphic Designer from California, now sat two isles away from each other. Although they worked in different departments, they would see each other frequently. The cute brunette caught Ryan's attention so he casually introduced himself. All he needed to do now was find a way to talk to her.

Maribel's coworkers knew Ryan liked to work out so they mentioned that Maribel recently joined fitness meet-up groups around Austin. Braced with this newfound knowledge, Ryan decided to use it to strike up a conversation with Maribel as he passed her in the hallway. Slightly caught off-guard, she chatted with him briefly and agreed to email him information about the running meet-ups she knew of. Unfortunately, Maribel never got around to emailing him. His subtle attempt to get her attention failed.

A few weeks later Maribel, along with others from her department, invited Ryan to join them for happy hour. On a Friday after work they enjoyed drinks and shared laughs with the rest of the group. They were also able to talk more and get to know each other a little better. The following week, they went on their first date – lunch at Chipotle. Shortly after, they went on their second date, followed by a third.

In the beginning, they dated secretly hoping that their coworkers wouldn't catch on, however, that didn't last long! At this point, neither of them cared who knew. They were happy to admit that they were an item.

They became "official" in November 2014 when Ryan asked Maribel to be his girlfriend. Not long into their relationship, the charming, blue-eyed Steelers fan from Oklahoma and the funny, cat-loving dancer from California realized that they were meant to be. From then on, they've worked out together, went to more happy hours and had many more lunch dates at Chipotle. They even adopted a sweet puppy together...a black lab named Max.


The Proposal

On the morning of June 4, 2016, Maribel met with her mom for a day of shopping. Ryan knew she was going to be out for a few hours so he took this opportunity to set the stage. This was the day he was going to propose!

With the help of coworker, Ryan came up with the idea of creating a relationship timeline throughout their apartment. He set up different displays with photos and props to represent the major and memorable progressions in their relationship. To achieve the timeline effect, he connected each display with yarn. After everything was in place, he dimmed the lights, lit candles, turned on acoustic music, and covered the floor with rose petals. Ryan patiently waited and prepared for the big moment.

When Maribel arrived back home, Ryan helped her carry some items from her car. It was Max's birthday so she had a doggie cake for him, as well as bags of stuff from her shopping trip. Once Maribel entered the apartment, she was astonished to see what Ryan had devised while she was out. Tears ran down her face as she realized what was about to happen. The day she had dreamed about had finally arrived.

Ryan took her hand and guided her through the timeline. When they reached the final "present-day" display, he got down on one knee and asked Maribel to marry him. Without hesitation, Maribel said YES!! The rest is history!


Ryan + Maribel will have a fall wedding at the beautiful Hotel Granduca. This is one wedding I know will go in the books to looks back on, and I'm so honored they've chosen me to document their special day. 


<3 Yaz



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