Photos by Yaz | Geronimo Community Center | Jaime + Jasmine's Wedding

Geronimo Community Center | Jaime + Jasmine's Wedding

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Geronimo Community Center Wedding


July/August weddings scare me! It's hot, it's sticky, and I'm deathly afraid of bees. I was so relieved when Jaime and Jasmine told me everything was going to be indoors. This means I'd only have to be in the 100 degree sun for wedding party pictures. Whoop-whoop! I don't tan, I BURN! #PalePeopleProbs


Enough about me :D Jasmine got her hair and makeup done at a local salon and met me at her best friend's home to get dressed. It was quite a slow morning, and I told Jasmine to relax and have breakfast. There was more than enough time to get everything done. I noticed a sigh of relief when I reassured her. With hair and makeup done, she indulged in a fruit and yogurt parfait and breakfast sandwich with some OJ. Her nerves started building as the hour of the first-look got closer. 

We met at the gazebo in front of Kyle City Hall to do the first-look. I was so pleased to find there was not a Pokemon hunter in sight! Jasmine walked up behind Jaime and asked him to turn around. He did, but hesitated a bit before opening his eyes. He said, "I'm scared". It was a moment of laughter, intimacy and tears. Jaime prepared a rose for his soon-to-be Wife that is supposed to last an entire year, and gave it to her as a gift. We snapped a few photos and I took them to a train that was stationed nearby. I asked Jaime to go up the stairs first so that he could help Jasmine. She looked at me funny and said, "Only you Yazmin". 


They headed to the ceremony site together and had time to cool off and catch their breath. The ceremony was absolutely perfect! It made them giggle and look at each other in a very familiar way. The best part was when Jaime leaned in for a kiss before the 'you may now kiss the bride' part and Jasmine nervously leaned back. -- Sorry bro, we all saw it!

Don't worry, he officially kissed her as his wife a few seconds later.


When we arrived at the reception we took some wedding party pictures both formal and funny. We all left with rosy cheeks and mists of sweat across our foreheads. Jaime and Jasmine hid in the car with the AC blasting before their grand entrance. The mother-son dance was very emotional, and at that moment I knew he'd love and respect his wife with the same compassion he showed his Mom. 


The party was exciting uhhh... lit(?) thanks to DJ Sammy Rocha! He always does a great job, and I absolutely love collaborating with him.


I was overjoyed to hear J+J were honeymooning in Puerto Rico as a gift from Jasmine's sister. I immediately started naming some of my favorite places I wished they'd visit. Stalking them on SnapChat, it looks like they really enjoyed the blue waters and Puerto Rican cuisine. 

J+J, your love is nothing short of beautiful and magnetic, bringing those around you even closer. Thank you for trusting me with the very beginning of the rest of your lives as Mr & Mrs Martinez. 


<3 Yaz


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First Look


The man is obsessed with his boots.



The first ki--Nope, just kidding.

The First Kiss!


Their Entrance

Father-Daughter Dance

Mother-Son Dance

First Dance as Husband and Wife

The Fun!

OMG, Yes! Cake!



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