Photos by Yaz | Gruene Historic District Engagement Session | Steve + Stephanie

Gruene Historic District Engagement Session | Steve + Stephanie

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Gruene Historic District Engagement Session

Gruene Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz


Steven + Stephanie were the winners of a free engagement session contest I ran in June. Chance couldn't have chosen a more deserving couple. They were so much fun to work with, and love and admiration for each other melted my heart away.


How They Met:

Steven and Stephanie are the perfect example of how love can be right before you without realizing it. They've known each other since high school and although they'd hang out in the same circle of friends, they never took the time to build a close relationship. Steven had a crush on Stephanie since then, but she had no idea. He humbly told me, "She was too busy for me". There was a time when Stephanie thought she'd be single the rest of her life, and Steven would pray that he'd find someone to settle down with. After several years, they started hanging out--just the two of them this time. Stephanie soon realized what Steven knew all along. They were a perfect fit. 


The Proposal:

Steven is from Chicago and is a loyal sports fanatic when it comes to the Chicago Bears. Steve taught Stephanie his ways, and she too became a Bears fan. It wasn't long before Sunday football became a weekly tradition. Steve goes back to Chicago as much as he can to visit family. In September 2015, the two of them visited and planned to attend a Bears game at Soldier Field. Before the game started, Steve mentioned to Stephanie he wanted to take a picture in front of the field so he spoke to a few ushers to give them a hand. She noticed they were talking for quite a while so she figured they were probably explaining to him why it wasn't going to be possible. Steven then called her over to take a picture. The usher had Steven's phone in one hand and Stephanie's in the other. She put her hand on her hip and smiled for the camera. At that moment, Steven turned to face her and certainly said something about how much he loved her, but who can think straight at that moment, am I right? He got down on one knee and the crowd around them started applauding. He was so nervous he forgot to open the ring's box, but she said yes anyway. Needless to say, she was so excited she couldn't pay much attention to the football game. 


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