Photos by Yaz | Mueller Lake Park | Jonathan + Aimee's Engagement

Mueller Lake Park | Jonathan + Aimee's Engagement

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Mueller Lake Park Engagement Session in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz

How They Met:
Johnny doesn't remember much about the early days in their relationship. According to him, they were young and naive, simple and inexperienced, arrogant and way in over their heads. But honestly, who isn't at that age? He tells me, "that's the beauty of looking back at everything. It's nice looking thinking that really, we've grown up together. We spent those awkward teenage years together and grew closer and closer as time moved on. I'm not going to pretend to remember every moment because I see the big picture; I enjoy her company, I miss her when she's away, and I feel like she compliments all my faults and weaknesses."
The first time Aimee noticed Johnny was a memorable morning. Although it didn't pass beyond a handshake, his voice and confident comments at the meetings remained etched in her mind. They had mutual friends so Aimee sent him a request on Facebook. They didn't really talk until one day Aimee decided to ask for the school program and to her surprise, he had the same program and certainly offered to help. This is when they started to exchange messages. Truthfully, Aimee didn't pay him much attention, but Johnny was persistent and wouldn't take "no" for an answer. His genuine interest appealed to her so after a while, she gave him her phone number. This is how they began their beautiful friendship. On occasion, they'd make plans with their parents to go to service together so they'd be able to see one another. His spirituality, maturity and sweetness were some of the many qualities that made her fall in love with him. As time passed, they became closer, and one night between chats and laughter Johnny asked her to be his girlfriend and of course, she said yes. 
The Proposal:
Johnny didn't sleep all week. He couldn't eat, and he was more nervous than ever before. March 12th, 2016 was the date they set aside to spend the day together since it was the week of their anniversary. She never thought he'd actually propose. They talked about marriage and had even set a date, but she never expected the formality of him getting down on one knee. The day started with Johnny cooking breakfast for Aimee -- which he had never done before. Around 6pm he decided they'd go downtown and invite the parents (of course, they all ready knew the plan). This was a surprise in itself since Johnny hates going downtown, but still she didn't have the slightest clue. They arrived at the Palmer Event Center to lights, balloons and petals on the floor. She thought it might be one of those "keep austin weird" things so they just kept walking towards the front of the lake. Their song Sparks by Coldplay started playing, and at this moment their friends started poking out of hiding. When it came down to it, Johnny couldn't say a word. He was down on one knee as tears streamed down his face. At this point, he felt every moment all at once. The past, present, and future rushed through him in an instant.
"And I realized I hardly had any memories without her, and I decided I didn't want to create new ones without her as well. The important thing was that she said least I think she did. She was crying as well, but all our friends cheered and she still has the ring on so I think it worked."
Johnny and Aimee will have a backyard wedding in March. They've been planning for over a year, and I'm positive it will be nothing short of perfection. 



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