Photos by Yaz | Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin Texas | Ben + Kelly's Engagement Session

Zilker Botanical Garden, Austin Texas | Ben + Kelly's Engagement Session

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Zilker Botanical Garden | Benjamin + Kelly's Engagement Session

The day of Ben + Kelly's engagement was a crazy day for me. I visited Precision Camera* right before the session to restock on lens caps, rear caps, and lens cleaner. Somehow I always loose those pesky things. The hubby is on a diet so in my escape, the only thing I could think of was cheating on him with a plate of chicken masala. I totally cashed in at the end of the night! 

*Rob is the man, and support local business! 

How They Met

Benjamin and Kelly met in their congregation about 6 years ago. Kelly being the confident girl she is, walked up to Ben and asked him if he'd be her friend. To her surprise, he straight out said "no". Although he admitted it was a joke, Kelly took it seriously and as a result they didn't talk until about a year ago. As time continued, they fell in love and have been inseparable ever since. 

The Proposal

October 22nd marked the date Ben would pop the question. Ben told a little white lie that he'd have to leave their friend Natali's graduation party early because he had to work the following day. He seemed to go missing for a while and Kelly knew it wasn't in his character to just disappear without saying goodbye. She asked their friends but they too lied and said they hadn't seen him. It was time to cut the cake and Ben was still nowhere to be found. Kelly's dad was the coordinator of the event and announced the cake was ready to be served, and there'd also be a "special announcement". At that moment, Ben made an entrance from the back of the stage and took the mic to thank everyone for coming. He also wanted to thank one person in specific for giving him the best 8 months of his life. As everyone began to record on their phones, Ben continued to say he loved Kelly and had one more questions to ask... He faced away from the audience to unbutton his shirt to reveal -- Wait, What? What kind of party is this? -- another shirt that read, "I love you". He turned to face Kelly so that she'd then read "Will You Marry Me? He then got on one knee and officially asked those four words. As you would guess it, she said "no" just like when she asked him to be her friend. Just kidding! In shock and in tears, she managed to say yes!


Fun Fact: Kelly was accepted to the show Say Yes to the Dress, but for reasons was unable to make it happen. Ben + Kelly will have a June wedding in Marble Falls. I'm so excited because Kelly insisted on having her search for the right dress photographed. Are we going to make this a trend?! Bring it on!

<3 Yaz


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