Photos by Yaz | Cedar Park, Texas Wedding | Jonathan + Aimee

Cedar Park, Texas Wedding | Jonathan + Aimee

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Cedar Park Wedding | Johnny + Aimee

Cedar Park Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz


I've known Johnny for a few years, but I didn't meet Aimee until one evening at a Chili's. The food was honestly terrible, but we had some good laughs. We talked about this grand wedding, and how it'd takes months of planning so they were booking me out a year and a half in advance. I'd check up on Aimee every once in a while, but it took me by complete surprise when she texted me they'd decided to move up the wedding. 

Focusing on what's truly important, they skipped the large wedding and honeymoon to have an intimate DIY wedding with the people that matter most.  Aimee made the cake, boutonnieres, and her bouquet. Many were invited to the ceremony, and only a select few to the reception as the location was their apartment clubhouse. Aimee got ready in their new airy apartment while Johnny prepared with his family and future father-in-law at his parent's home. The bride's dad surprised her by picking her up in a limo. The couple decided on doing a first look at a nearby gazebo. It drizzled, rained and then it poured. I stood in the rain with my baby (my camera), and photographed the couple sharing their moment. 

Johnny + Aimee celebrated their ceremony at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in North Austin. It's not a luxurious place, but it means everything, and it's a great honor to have them say their "I do" on that platform where they first met. When the ceremony ended, a line to the back of the hall was formed to congratulate the couple. It took quite some time before we could take off to another location to take family + bride + groom photos, but they planned for this. What more could I ask for than for a couple that plans their wedding day itinerary around their wedding photos?!

Their families have been through a lot, and in their dances I felt all the emotion unfold. Johnny's sister Nathalie, which also happened to be Aimee's best friend played an important role in their relationship and I know she would have been beaming with joy to see this union.  

The cake was just as ahhhh-mazing as it looked, and the evening was filled with games. There were not many formalities. They ate pluckers for dinner and jumped in the pool at the end of the night. This is the pure definition of a casual wedding. 

My friends, I love you both so much, and it was a great honor to watch your families unite. I know you'll continue to make each other happy in your Pluckers-stuffing, soccer-watching, kung-fu fighting, lovey-dovey marriage. 


<3 Yaz


- Bride -

- Groom - 


- First Look -


- Ceremony -


Just look at the way he looks at her!


- Reception -


First Dance

Mother-Son Dance

Father-Daughter Dance

That Dreamy Cake...


Let the games begin!

Oh yes, this happened!

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