Hola! My name is Yazmin and I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Austin, Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi but practically raised in the capital city. I graduated with a degree in photography but the most important thing I gained from college was a group of friends I trust enough to pick off their plate without having to ask. I have 2 dogs I call my children, and I love food just as much as I love my stretchy pants. I try my best to be a girly-girl and keep up with my nails, my eyebrows, and even the mustache my momma gave me, but I was raised with 4 brothers and I'm more of a t-shirt and no-bra kinda girl. Like any great “pinterester”, I love trying new recipes and have many DIY projects that I'll probably never finish.


On Sundays, you'll find me waking up just in time for brunch as I desperately search for my glasses and try to get oriented. 

"Where's my phone?"

"My bladder is so full, I can't walk."

"Is that poop? Nope. Just a sock."


I have a love for people and human connections. I'd rather talk about how you grew up and how it's shaped you into the person you are rather than what the weather has been like. I believe we should celebrate each other in every way because we're all just kids on this playground with our own fears and insecurities. 



My focus is to capture your story and personality. Traditional wedding photography has a reputation of being very static and overly-posed -- this is not my style. I enjoy working with romantic, fun and quirky people. I might ask you to grab your partner's butt. I might ask you to tell them a couple of reasons you admire them. I may even ask you to dance.

Weddings are stressful, I KNOW!!! My goal is to turn busy, messy, and distracting into simple, elegant and beautiful. I put artistry in my images as opposed to just snapping pictures. 


If you've read all that it's only fair I get to know you. Let me know you read my About Me page and email me if I'm your type. *Wink Wink*


 <3 Yaz


Photo by: Mel Christina

WeddingWire Winner 2017 WeddingWire Winner 2018Photos by Yaz