Seton Hays | Birth of Baby Julietta

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Julietta arrived on her due date. For the record, only about 5% of women give birth on their given due date. I got the text message at 7:45 am, and was at the hospital by 8:30am. When I arrived, I learned Mom had been in and out of the hospital since Thursday. Finally, she was admitted Saturday morning when she could no longer handle the contractions. It was the coldest day this year, but Mom + Dad had no regard for what was happening outside their 4 walls. They welcomed me not only into their room, but into their family. I was even offered breakfast tacos by the grandmother-to-be and although my tummy was screaming "Yes!", I was determined to be satisfied with my vanilla protein shake.

Mom was dilated to 5 centimeters, and was incredibly uncomfortable. At this point some moms start asking for "the juice", and she did. We all love anesthesiologists, but there are some people that just don't react to anesthesia. Poor Mom only got a few minutes of rest before the epidural was no longer taking effect. 

Hours later, it was time to start pushing. Even when nurse Gaby told her to not push and instead just take a breather on the next contraction, Mom refused and instinctively wanted to push. The room transformed in seconds, and after only 36 minutes of pushing, beautiful baby Julietta was born. As she got cleaned up, Mom was flooded with emotions and couldn't wait to hold her. Family was invited back into the room to see the new member of the family and share in the joy. 

Every time I get to witness a birth, I'm reminded of how amazing a woman's body is, and how everyone plays such an important role. There's no doubt that at the moment Mom hears the cries of her baby for the first time, it becomes the happiest day of her life. Congrats Gerardo + Iris on your little princess. 

<3 Yaz



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