San Antonio Texas | Senior Portraits | Xiomara

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San Antonio, Texas Senior Portraits

San Antonio Texas Senior Portrait Photographer | Photos by Yaz

My first impression of Xiomara "Xio" was a vibrant young girl full of energy. She's passionate and loves animals as much as I do. 

Xiomara is a 2016 high school graduate and will be studying Computer Science at her local community college. Her hobbies include going out, watching movies, shopping and traveling. 

One of her irrational fears is having her eyelashes fall off as she curls them. I think this thought has gone through every girls' mind. Good thing there's fake ones, right?

Xiomara would like to thank all her family and friends that have helped her out this year. I have no doubt that her intelligence and charm will keep her on a bright path. 


<3 Yaz



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