Lakeway City Park | Jasmin + Josh Engagements

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Lakeway City Park Engagement Session

Lakeway Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz


These two were a blast to photograph and were up to anything and everything including getting their only pair of clothes wet. Sometimes lots of rain isn't such a bad thing.


How They Met: 

Jasmin + Josh met through a mutual friend -- Natalie. He played hard to get but it didn't last very long. They soon became close friends and found themselves talking everyday. They could barely contain their smiles when the other person's name would come up in conversation. It wasn't long after that these two best friends were in love. [insert heart-eyes smiley here] His kindness and humility won her over, and soon enough Josh couldn't see himself without her.

Close to a year ago, Jasmin woke up from a nap to discover she had about 15 missed calls. When she called back, Josh asked her to go outside. He was holding a bouquet of flowers and formally asked her to be his girlfriend. 


The Proposal:

Jasmin came home from her meeting one night to find her front yard trees covered in paper lanterns. She was confused as to why her family would even put these up. As she walked closer, she noticed wooden little hearts the size of your palm hanging from the lights and trees. Each one with a picture of them since they started dating and a scripture from Song of the Solomon or Proverbs. The largest heart was a collage from when they became friends. She felt butterflies in her stomach and her heart fluttering. He startled her when he appeared from behind the house -- After all it's dark outside, and it could have been a creeper. But no, just Josh. :P Back to the story... She was holding back from crying at first, but then he started showing her the words behind the hearts from "te quiero" to "tengo hambre". He confessed his love and promise to her and got down on one knee to ask, "Will you marry me?" As she said "Yes, Yes!" the tears could no longer be contained. 



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