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Gruene Engagement Session

Gruene Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz


How They Met:

Ralph and Amanda may have met on numerous occasions throughout their lives. A recent conversations revealed that Ralph's grandmother used to be Amanda's little sister's daycare teacher -- I'll give you a minute to calculate that. Ralph's grandmother used to drop him off at the church after school and wait for her to get off of work. On occasion, Amanda would accompany her mother to pick up her younger sister who was sometimes the last one to leave, so it's hard to say when exactly they met for the first time. Their entire lives they've lived within 10 miles of each other. Even when Amanda moved to San Antonio, he happened to as well and moved just up the road. This is the story of when they remember meeting for the very first time.  

Amanda worked in a home improvement store, and Ralph being a contractor would often take advantage of his business trips to the store to bug her. He was flattering, but Amanda didn't pay much mind to his compliments. One day during a little friendly chit chat the topic of hunting came up. Ralph offered to invite her the next time he went out and Amanda immediately responded with, "Well, you'll need my number for that" and handed it over. From there they would text irregularly. 

One day Amanda was feeling really down at work, and in walks Ralph's perky self. She was used to seeing him covered in paint or saw dust, wearing a dirty shirt and some jeans with holes in them given his line of work. However this day he was clean cut, shaven, and had cleaned up pretty nicely. Although it's not in her character, Amanda was compelled to ask him out on a lunch date. Coincidentally, her mother called a short time later asking what her lunch plans were, and although Amanda explained she had a date, her mom invited herself. (I sound like this type of mom). Amanda begged and pleaded but she wouldn't budge. She tried to reschedule her date, but it seems mom and Ralph were on the same page and hit it off right away. The next few days to follow just flew by like a dream; a wonderful whirlwind of emotions. They went out on a date of some sort just about every night for the next two weeks. It didn’t take long for her to realize she was in deep trouble. 

She had already fallen head over heels in love.


The Proposal:

They knew from day one they'd get married. It was a topic often discussed although, it never took flight until he officially proposed. Amanda had already accepted the fact that it would be a long time before they got married and because they already knew it was what they wanted, she figured she'd never get a formal proposal. One thing about Ralph is that he is always in a hurry so it's no surprise that when he arrived home from work one Saturday, he rushed to the shower and announced they were having a date night. He bought a new shirt and tie and picked out Amanda's most expensive cocktail dress, but no big deal because they would go on fancy date nights at least once a month. Ralph had made reservations at Salt Grass on the riverwalk. Amanda had only wanted to go there since forever...or at least for the past year but had never gotten the chance. 

Ralph was noticeably nervous about something because he kept touching his pocket, but he's a business man so the phone number stops ringing. Maybe he was just silencing the vibration or something. He found an opportunity to excuse himself to the restroom and came back with the waitress holding his phone. Amanda assumed she'd be taking a pictures of them, until she realized he was bending down to one knee. Her heart stopped and although she doesn't remember much of what he said, somehow her heart was able to hear what her ears couldn't. When he finally asked, "Will you marry me?" She instantly put her face in her hands and started crying. She was so overwhelmed with joy, happiness and love she could hardly sniffle out a "Yes". Of course, the entire restaurant was up and clapping. Amanda couldn't get enough of him. She kept looking and him and that new beautiful shiny thing on her finger. She couldn't sit close enough and just wanted to be wrapped up in the moment forever. After dinner he had a carriage ride waiting for them to take them back to their car. Amanda has a huge love for horses so this was a special little detail. 


Amanda & Ralph will have their wedding by the end of the year in some place. *Planning is still in progress, and suggestions are welcome* I can't wait to begin planning and documenting this special time in your lives!



<3 Yaz


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