Berry Springs Park | Senior | Clarissa

April 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

Berry Springs Park Senior Portrait Session | Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown Senior Portrait Photographer | Photos by Yaz


It was chilly and windy the day Clarissa and I met at a Starbucks. The day of her photoshoot was no different. Although we were hoping the rows of trees at Berry Springs Park & Preserve would be full of pretty leaves, we were able to find some........ way, way, way in the back. Thanks for scouting on my behalf Momma Duran! The light was gorgeous, and once we started shooting, the wind had settled down. Although Clarissa seems quiet and a little shy at first, she warmed up to the camera and was all giggles. I instantly fell in love with her smile and what I call "happy eyes". Her dog Ginger also had a blast barking up trees and marking her territory.  

Clarissa is a 2016 high school graduate and will be studying psychology at Texas A&M in my hometown -- Corpus Christi. Her hobbies include binge-watching Netflix shows, singing obnoxiously in the shower and baking / cooking to her hearts content. She also enjoys weekend BBQ's at her uncle's house during football season. [Ugh, where's my invite?! I can pretend to like football for ribs.]

We all have things that make us cringe, for Clarissa, that's insects that fly. Even harmless little fruit flies or butterflies. I assume she also hates those little junebugs that wait outside your doorstep to smack you in the face!

Clarissa hopes to one day become a school psychologist or open up her own practice specifically catered to children in need of guidance. She also wishes to adopt 20 dogs. Whichever comes first! :D [THIS MAKES ME SOOOOO HAPPY!!!]


Clarissa you are a beautiful girl surrounded by nothing but friends and most importantly, family that loves you. Keep that in mind as you venture off onto your new path. You are bound to succeed with them at your side. :)


<3 Yaz





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Great photos. Wishing you the best in your future.
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