Vic Mathias Shores Park | Fall Engagement Session | Neftali + Laura

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Vic Mathias Shores Park Fall Engagement Session

Austin Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz



Neftali was visiting from his hometown Brownsville and therefore only stayed for a few days. This is when Neftali & Laura met for the first time. Some hello's were exchanged, but nothing more. In July 2010 Neftali and his parents moved to Kyle and from then on they started hanging out. At the time, Laura didn't see him as any more than a friend, until they started texting on a daily basis. The more they talked, the more she fell for him knowing they were only best friends. On April 26, 2013 Neftali revealed he had feelings for Laura since the first time they met, but she came off as a little intimidating. His feelings had only grown stronger. In response Laura awkwardly said, "the feeling is mutual". A year later as Neftali began to consider proposing marriage, he decided to make it official and talk to their parents. 



August 22, 2015 -- Neftali & Laura along with some friends went to play Mini Golf in Austin. While they were there, Neftali mentioned some other friends were at Castle Hill Park -- One of Laura's favorite places. Knowing she wouldn't refuse, he asked her if she wanted to stop by after mini golf. When they arrived. He asked her to face the skyline. At first she thought, "Why is it so quiet? Where is everyone? It's dark, and I can't see anything!" Neftali asked her to slowly turn around to reveal the graffiti on the wall: "Elisa, Marry Me?" Note: Elisa is Laura's middle name. 

As she continued to turn she saw Neftali on bended knee with a ring in his hands. Friends and family walked out of their hiding places, to congratulate the newly engaged couple. 


Neftali & Laura will wed on April 23rd 2015 in Kyle, followed by a reception in Wimberley, Texas. 


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