Zilker Clubhouse Wedding | Dexter + Amanda

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Zilker Clubhouse Wedding in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz


I met Dexter and Amanda at Starbucks a couple weeks before they took off to Italy. They're a classy and sophisticated couple that live for the experiences. They've had many memorable dates along the way, but the one that received honorable mention was when they visited the lookout over the 360 bridge with a bottle of wine. This is where they shared their first kiss. 

Dexter visited Amanda in Chile while she was there for 6 months, this is when she realized how much she missed him and wanted him as a lifelong partner. Dexter popped the question after Amanda's first day back to work after the Christmas holidays. She was not expecting it at all -- mostly because it was a Monday.

Amanda tried on her grandmother's dress which was also warn by her aunt and found that it fit perfectly. With a few minor adjustments, she planned to wear it for her own wedding, and the rest was aimed to mingle and have fun.

Dexter prepared with some friends and family and their home -- which by the way belongs in a super cool, Austin decor-type magazine. They sat in the living room talking about Family Guy, The Simpsons, and other "guy stuff". Amanda and her bridesmaids got dressed and ready for the big day at Hotel Ella while listening to "Tay-Tay". This place is aw-inspiring everywhere you look. I asked Amanda if I could just sleep in the all-white bathroom, but she wasn't cool with that.    -_-

They had a beautiful ceremony with tears, laughter, speeches from the bridesmaids and even a singer. 

It wasn't the giddiness, excitement, and laughter that comes with a new journey that showed how absolutely in love they were. While all that was evident, it was the soft and deliberate process that made friends and family realize that this was different. The toasts revealed some of their similar flaws and how they uniquely complement each other, as well as how they better themselves for one another -- what all marriages are truly like. 

We're all just fools trying to find a person to live out our lives with, and make memories along the way. Dexter + Amanda, I admire you both, and I hope you continue your journey to educate and inspire the rest of us. 


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Creative Team:

Catering: Fresa's Chicken al Carbon 

Harp: Lisa Lamb

Florals: The Flower Studio Austin

Cake: Sweet Treats Bakery

Hair: Bella Salon by Keith Pattillo

Setup & Breakfown: Austin Wedding Helpers







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