Lesson Learned: Removing a Bra...Strap

January 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

In a perfect world, every one of my images from my shoots would come out exactly as I envision it. The reality is that while my subjects are checking their hair and makeup, I'm running settings, numbers, focus and lighting in my head, and in the process some pesky little details can be overlooked. A boutonniere upside town, a belt missing a loop in the jeans, shoes untied, or in this case... an exposed bra strap. At first glance I thought, "Aww, this pictures is super cute! It's going in!"  Then I saw her BRA STRAP!!! Why in the world didn't I see this?!?! I beat myself up for not noticing this single and very obvious detail.

Before Before

Before I became a photographer I used to think "Oh, I'll just take average pictures and photoshop all of them, how hard can it be?" My photographer friends are all laughing at me right now, but they must've been there at some point also. It's important for me as a photographer to fix these things in camera because trust me, there's no magical "fix it" button in Photoshop -- I've looked. This would have taken me maybe 3 seconds to fix if I would have just asked my subject to adjust her strap. 


On the first image I made her dress strap a bit wider. Since her right shoulder is tucked in and at an angle, your eyes can't tell the difference. On the image on the right, I used my fairy dust to add some voluminous hair. Just kidding! I cut, pasted, and blended some hair from another image.  It took me about 20 minutes in post-production per picture to fix these errors, but I wasn't willing to discard these images. Wouldn't you say it was totally worth it? Lesson learned. Now I ALWAYS check for straps. ^_^


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