Gruene, Texas -- Ray & Prisc Engagement Session

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Gruene Engagement Session

Gruene, Texas Wedding Photographer | Photos by Yaz

Ray & Priscilla remind me of an innocent young love, and it starts with social media. Having many friends in common, they met and connected through Instagram. Ray was the first to send the request to follow, and Priscilla accepted, never knowing she'd soon be falling in love. He made her laugh and would comment sweet things on her posts. One day when Priscilla and her friends organized a short trip to Enchanted Rock she decided to invite Ray to get to know him better. Lets meet the stalker, eh? She told him to meet her at her house so they could take off from there. He was so nervous to meet her and her family that he knocked over his future mother-in-law's flower pot. 

From there it was love at first sight. She fell in love with his handsome eyes, and he thought she was even more beautiful in person. On the 2 hour ride to enchanted rock they shared laughter and giggles, they even had a silly string party...INSIDE THE CAR! They haven't stopped talking since and on September 19th, 2015 he popped the question. 
The Proposal
Ray invited Priscilla to the Botanical Garden in San Antonio because she loves flowers. When they arrives, Ray's brother called him and asked them to meet at Salt Grass on the River Walk to celebrate their 13 year wedding anniversary. When they arrived, the mariachi started playing a song that Ray had preciously dedicated to her. Ray's 3 year old nephew then brought her a metal box that read, "Priscilla Castro will you marry me?" He got down and one knee and asked if she'd be his princess forever. The cherry on top was when a white princess carriage arrived waiting for the two of them. They had a night of memories...and ice cream. They'll be joined in April of 2016 with a reception at Luling's Zedler Mill


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